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I approve of your Vipander OT3 headcanon of seating location

Thanks!  I just had this image of the three of them where Chip tries to call shotgun and Vida is just No.  And then there’s a discussion about the rules of shotgun and Xander comments that he’s not paying for gas and Vida just throws him a look and asks if he’d rather ride in the trunk, because she can arrange that.





important ot3 questions: which one has to sit in the backseat

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*considers the tags*

*considers the multiple threesomes in the fleet of ships*

*wonders if any of them do NOT match those tags*

*can’t think of any*


oooh, another option: ot3+ specifically going shopping for an older car you know like with the bench seat in the front so they can all squeeze in and the driver doesn’t have to feel left out

RPM Trio (Scott Summer Flynn): Each drives their own vehicle unless they’re going off road, then Flynn drives and everyone else shuts up.
Galaxy Trio (Kendrix Kai Leo): Jet Jammers or a space ship, they’re either driving themselves, or working together to fly one vehicle, or walking.
Vipander:  Vida drives.  Chip’s in back because he needs to move around.  Xander’s lucky if he’s not in the trunk.
(These are my three OT3s that I’m set on at the moment.)













Always reblog The Princess Bride



this film though ffs

"Have fun storming the castle, boys!"

Twue wuvve

Now I gotta go watch it

Don’t let us stop you.  In my group of friends you literally have to tell no one, lock the doors, turn off the lights, and leave the dvd case on the shelf if you don’t want people to pop up and start quoting.

My father started quoting the mawwaige sequence during our wedding. Everyone joined in and completed the scene in unison. It was AMAZING.

That IS Amazing.

the most perfect movie




This morning I’m thinking about manpain. Specifically, superhero angst.

Specifically Batman. And Captain America.

As a digression, I feel like what distinguishes “manpain” from just regular pain is not so much the man but the shooting directions. Like, you know it’s manpain when the camera goes into tight closeup on their clenched jaw, or when they are shot backlit in an alley with smoke swirling around their feet. Or with a big fire blazing behind them. Or if they are trudging through a crowded cityscape that’s all black and white and they are the only ones in color.

Case in point: this is Batman. His parents are dead. It’s very sad. He has a lot of manpain.


Because of all his pain, Batman is not fully able to trust anyone. He pushes everyone away. Sometimes he lashes out against those closest to him.

This is Batman at Christmas time.


Batman is not ever going to go to therapy and deal with his trust issues, or talk about whether he might have something like depression and whether it might respond to medication, even though he could definitely afford it because he is a billionaire. He’s not going to do these things because of editorial decree.

"They put on a cape and cowl for a reason," says DC co-publisher Dan Didio. "They’re committed to defending others — at the sacrifice of all their own personal instincts. That’s something we reinforce. If you look at every one of the characters in the Batman family, their personal lives kind of suck.”


Okay. This is Captain America. His parents are dead too. Actually, almost everybody he ever knew is dead, because he got frozen for seventy years.


(By the way if you do a Google image search for “Captain America Punching Bag,” Google will show you some stuff and will also, right at the top, helpfully prompt you with a couple other search terms that you’re probably interested in: “Chris Evans” and “Butt.”)


(A++ Google, carry on.)

Anyway, so Captain America has a lot of manpain too.


Because he’s grieving and lonely, Captain America works hard at forming connections with the new people he meets. He doesn’t understand their frame of cultural reference, so he diligently follows up whenever somebody gives him a book or movie or other kind of recommendation.


He visits a support group for veterans.


He also checks in with his teammates regularly, and makes sure they know that he cares about them. He listens to their problems and offers his support.


So my point here is pretty simple. I think the Captain America characterization is a lot more interesting and complex. It just gets boring to have a character like Batman who is always going to have the same shit because he’s never gonna deal with his shit because he’s not allowed to deal with his shit. By contrast, Steve Rogers is warm and human and adult and fucken’ heroic. He’s got shit too but he mans up and carries it the best he can.

Both Batman and Captain America are actually team leaders, but Batman isn’t allowed to be a very good one because he also has to be a brooding loner who hangs out on top of gargoyles most of the time. Preferably in the rain.

Captain America gets rained on, too. The difference, I think, is that at some point he would go out and buy an umbrella.

Captain America gets rained on, too. The difference, I think, is that at some point he would go out and buy an umbrella.




Someone needs to write a fic of a battalion of superheroes randomly showing up at Sam’s doorstep because they have nowhere else to go.

"Hey Sam… so Pepper threw me out of my house and Rhodey’s on vacation in Mexico."

"Steve has spoken much of you Son of Wil. Do you wish to do battle against my adopted brother?"

"So… show an archer these wings I’ve heard so much about."


And Sam cursing Steve and Natasha in the depths of his soul because they started the trend and then told all their friends about it.