Am I terribly needy if I desperately want to ask the one person who liked my announcement of a new Wolfborn chapter what they thought of it because nobody’s commented or anything?

Ugh, I remember back when I first posted Alone Yet Not Alone and I was desperate for reviews and favs and shit.
It never gets easier.




in an industry where black males are seen as aggressive and monstrous, the character who is literally ‘a monster’ is a sensitive yet level headed kid. the fandom needs to talk about Boyd. always.

#I WANT THIS ON EVERY FUCKING TEEN WOLF BLOG #fuckers lets talk about how Boyd is 1000x more sensitive than Isaac #that doesn’t happen on TV shows okay #and then he gets turned werewolf and he is STILL extremely sensitive #but Boyd is calm and level headed for the most part okay #I just wanna point out that Boyd is the exact opposite of every stereotype set out for black males #WHICH IS WHY I need Boyd to be talked about in the fandom #which is why Boyd is an amazing character to have on a show about monsters #the others are constantly aggressive trying to fight their way through problems #but Boyd does A LOT of sitting and watching